As a testimony to its creators’ international ambitions, the Boonchu concept and brand have been patented in 35 countries.

Boonchu builds its expansion plans on a carefully developed brand strategy. Easily exportable and localizable, Boonchu’s healthy and qualitative alternative to traditional fast food is a positive, future-orientated project that expects to expand over the medium and long term.

From the heart of multicultural Europe, in Luxembourg, at the crossroads between Latin, Anglo-Saxon and Germanic cultures, BOONCHU plans to quickly expand to neighbouring countries. Further-reaching destinations are planned at a later stage.

Boonchu will consider each individual new site carefully, in an approach that is consistent with its values.

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On the lookout for trustworthy partners

To reach its objectives and achieve these European expansion plans, Boonchu is on the lookout for entrepreneurial profiles, which match the values Boonchu stands for, in a fast casual restaurant environment, open to today’s discerning clients’ needs.

Boonchu offers:
 • A carefully studied fast casual restaurant chain concept
 • A profitable and efficient franchise plan
 • Serious possibilities for highly motivated entrepreneurial profiles
• A modern chain, which addresses modern consumer needs
 • A shared and strong partnership spirit across all parties involved

If you wish to take part in Boonchu’s growth by becoming a franchisee, please contact us by email at